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It seems like he's been merged with Edric Storm now. Do you like that they've strayed from the Gendry story line?It must be nice for you guys to be wrong-footed sometimes, and not know precisely where it's going to go at various stages.You hang out a lot with Kit Harington [who plays Jon Snow] and Alfie Allen [who play Theon], and they're big on that. There's a big difference between your theory in your ideal world — "Gendry becomes the ruler, he comes back and takes the Iron Throne! For me, there's something about Jon Snow and his arc, and I don't know his true parentage, but I have an idea — I really don't want to say who — and there's something about the way it's been set up that makes me think he's destined for something really great. I don't get that many people who spot me as they do Kit, because there's no mistaking Kit Harington's flowing locks. Without his hair, he would be a very different man.

And it's great for me, obviously, because I get more to do.

And then within a week or two, she'd basically sent the video to everyone I'd ever interacted with on Twitter, which included my ex-girlfriend's mum!

And then her videos started getting more and more elaborate.

Arya is retracing her steps back to Winterfell, and as she does, she is greeted by companions past, ones that fans have always wanted to know what happened to.

And we know almost for a fact Gendry will be back this season, as Joe Dempsie, who plays him, turned up at the Now personally, I believe it's because his Baratheon bastard status is going to come in very useful to Daenerys Targaryen.

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